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We are trusted and reliable supplier of quality hand truck platform push carts, car jack stands, hydraulic crocodile jacks, car creeper, luggage trolley. We also have power tools like jackhammer, tile cutters, electric drills, inverter welding machines. Safety and security products like kernmantle ropes, parachords, harness, helmets, carabiners, mask goggles, life vests, ear muffs.  
We are proud of fast and efficient order taking, shipping and delivery.

Service and product quality is our strenght and specialty.

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Platform Hand Trucks Push Carts

Rubber Wheels and Casters

Wheels and Casters
TPR Silent Wheels 
Rubber Wheels 
Scaffolding Wheels 

Folding Luggage Shopping Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Folding Hand Trucks
All Steel 2 Wheel Hand Trucks 

Power Tools Jackhammers , Welding Machine and Tile Cutters

Electric Power Chainsaw 16"
Price : P3750

Parachords Kernmantle Ropes Harness and Carabiners

Price : P 295
Body Harness Lanyards
Safety Construction Belt

Safety and Security
Helmets Vests Goggles Ear Muffs Work Lights

Safety Helmet
Price : P 125
Safety Goggles
Price : P 95
​​Life Vest
​Price : 975
Ear Muff
​Price : P 120

Plastic Guard Chains
        P 30 /mtr  ( 6 mm )
​        P 40/mtr ( 8 mm) 
COB LED Work Lights
Price : P 495
Standalone Smoke Detector
​Price : P 650
Home Office Organizer
LED Rechargeable Floodlights
Price : Starts at P975
Metal Scanner Detector
Price : P1195
All Stainless Baton
26 inches    Price: P 450
21 inches    Price: P 400

17 inches    Price: P350

Money Bill Counter
Price : P3450
Money Counterfeit Detector
Price : P375
High Quality Bucket Mops 
   20 Liters :      P 1395
   30 Liters :      P 2400
   36 Liters :      P 2950     
Spin Mops 
Price : P475 ​w/ extra mop head
Mouse Trap Cage 
​          Price starts P195